Saxophone & Composition

Since 2003, Iordache led his band through a few different line-ups, running the gamut between free jazz improvisation, funk, and catchy tunes. He plays alto, tenor, baritone sax and djembe.
He also plays with Kumm.

Tavi Scurtu


Tavi Scurtu has enriched the Romanian music scene in many different genres of music through the use of electronic elements in combination with a personal vision and a unique concept.
He also plays with A-C Leonte and The Jam.

Dan Mitrofan


Dan Mitrofan is a perpetual seeker of new sounds and an extremely original composer, as well as a poly-instrumentalist. He has led several influential bands in his native city, Timisoara.
He also plays with Magnets Duo and The Jam.

Adi Stoenescu


One of the few hammond players in Romania, Adi Stoenescu is equally influenced by the great contemporary jazz organists and progressive rock. He is an inspired composer and arranger.
He also plays with Krisper.


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